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Delta Fixed Frame


A fixed window, also known as a picture window, is a type of window that cannot be opened or closed. It remains fixed in place, serving primarily as a source of natural light and as a means of providing views of the outside environment.

Natural Light: One of the primary purposes of a fixed window is to allow natural light to enter a room. Because it cannot be opened or closed, it provides a consistent source of daylight throughout the day, helping to illuminate interior spaces and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Views: Fixed windows are often strategically placed to provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscape or architectural features. They offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors, allowing occupants to enjoy scenic vistas or observe activities happening outside.

Architectural Statement: Fixed windows can serve as architectural features, adding visual interest and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a building. Their large size and uninterrupted glass surface create a sense of openness and spaciousness, making them an attractive addition to both residential and commercial spaces.

Energy Efficiency: While fixed windows do not open or close, they still play a role in improving the energy efficiency of a building. High-quality fixed windows are designed with insulated glass and airtight seals to minimize heat transfer, helping to maintain consistent indoor temperatures and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Privacy: Although fixed windows do not offer the option of ventilation, they can be strategically placed in areas where privacy is not a concern, such as high on a wall or in locations overlooking private landscapes. Frosted or tinted glass can also be used to enhance privacy while still allowing light to enter.

Low Maintenance: Since fixed windows do not have moving parts, they require minimal maintenance compared to operable windows. There are no hinges, handles, or mechanisms to lubricate or repair, making fixed windows a hassle-free option for homeowners and building managers.

Additional information

Glazing Thicknesses

Double = 24mm , Double = 24mm

Sound Reduction

Rw 38dB Rw+Ctr 32dB

Water Tightness

Class 9A, EN12208

U Value's

0.7W/m²K up to 1.2W/m²K

Frame Dimensions

Depth: 78mm (timber) or 88mm (aluminium clad)
Minimum Width: 380mm
Maximum Width 3400mm
Minimum Height: 380mm
Maximum Height: 3400mm
Maximum Weight: 300kg
* Values shown above may be subject to change based on type of glazing selected

PAS24: 2016 Complaint


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SKU: Fixed-Delta

Delta Fixed Frame


As standard we advise that you allow for approximately 8-10 weeks from signing off your order. To confirm our current lead times, give us a call on 01324 673250.

Most of our systems can be supplied with both double and triple glazing. However, in the majority of instances double glazing is the preferred option. For more information and to determine which is best for your project, please contact us to arrange an appointment with a consultant who can explain the main differences to you.

Secured by Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live.

SBD’s product-based accreditation scheme – the Police Preferred Specification – provides a recognised standard for all security products that can deter and reduce crime.  This includes domestic windows and doors, and the components within them such as locks, hinges etc.

Janex is a registered member of Secured by Design and many of our products have been tested to meet the demands of the standard.

A U-Value, in simple terms, indicates how well your window will be at retaining the internal heat within your property and preventing it from escaping to the outside.  U-Values are measured in Watts per square metre, or W/m2 K. The lower the U-Value number, the better the heat retention of the window. All new or replacement windows require a minimum U Value of 1.6 W/m2 K. 

Ask your Janex consultant for further details and they’ll be only too happy to help.

We offer composite timber front and back doors. There are many different styles, colours and specifications when it comes to choosing between these three products. We recommend speaking to one of our Janex consultants or visiting our showroom in order to understand the differences in more detail.

Yes, in most instances you will be able to choose a different colour on the inside of your product to the outside, so for example you could have white inside and red outside.  Or, yellow one side and black the next! A Janex consultant will be able to help you confirm your choice is available.

Replacing your old windows with new double or triple glazed windows will typically add value to your property. Not only do new windows look aesthetically pleasing to the eye they also increase the thermal efficiency in your home keeping you nice and toasty in winter and keep the heat out in the warmer months making double or triple glazed windows an essential decision factor to many potential purchasers.

It is very rare that you’ll need permission to replace your existing windows and doors. However, you will need to check to see if you are located in a conservation area as you may be restricted with what designs or materials you are allowed to use this may also be the case if your property is a listed building.

Absolutely! All of our windows and doors are made to measure and can be tailored to your requirements. This includes choosing from a range of colours, finishes and styles.

‘Engineered’ timber is the key to the strength and long-lasting properties of our windows and doors. It is created through a very old technique of layering wood sections with the grain of one section in the opposing direction to the grain of its neighbour.

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