Janex safer homes range - FD60 Doorsets



  • The Safer Homes Range offers the flats, apartments & studio thirty minute fire rated doorsets or the classic homes doorsets which are non fire rated. Both ranges offer excellent performance and durability. 
  • Designed, manufactured and successfully tested as a complete doorset in extensive primary tests for Fire, Smoke, Weathering, Thermal Insulation, and CE marked to EN14351-1. 
  • To provide assurance that what is manufactured matches what has been tested we invest into third party certification for Security and Fire and Secured by Design approval to the latest standard.
  • Comprising natural materials of engineered timber with a hardwood frame, the Safer Homes Doorset is finished to a high standard in the automated factory spray environment to ensure consistency and durability. The doorsets are available in high-tech water based paint or laminate with a wide range of colour options. 


Entrance doorset suitable for interior of buildings (high rise blocks), balconies and street level. (Note street level will not generally call for fire or smoke performance). Secured by Design 2018 approved. 


Timber engineered construction 54mm with hardwood lippings. The frame is hardwood density 640 kg per m² - this is important for durability and temperature variation. Threshold options include hardwood, slim line & low profile. Supplied with hardwood frame and door stop. 

Designed and tested as complete doorset assembly (including top fanlight solid, glazed, & side panels top glazed, bottom solid) The complete doorset includes hinges (CE marked); all intumescent seals and smoke seals integral to the doorset design; locking system/s; all hardware, including door viewer, door knocker - bolt through, letter plate, door closer cam action CE marked to EN1154 for Equality Act and BS8300 requirements. 

The same complete doorset design specification undergoes primary testing at UKAS accredited test houses for all industry standard performance tests as recently referenced in Government document: MHCLG guidance note 16 section 1.5. 

Environmentally friendly design 

Non-toxic natural bio-degradeable materials (particularly important for when in a fire) are used in the design and manufacture of the doorset: composite timber & water-based high tech finishes. Repairable door core and frame - timber composite core and hardwood frames. 

State of the art production 

The doorset is produced with state of the art CNC production machinery. All hinge cut outs and any apertures are to exact dimensions to ensure correct sizing and tolerances. The doorset is beautifully finished and delivered to site separately with the frame, any fanlights or sidelights and its box of components – all of which are labelled and traceable. The modular framing system for fanlights and sidelights assists with manual handling and offers more flexibility with on-site installation. The complete doorset leads to lower carbon footprint reduction and better quality control, as it is does not require drilling and finishing by different trades on-site. 


All hardware is matching in satin chrome finish and aesthetically pleasing. Good quality and tested as part of complete doorset in performance tests. 

Locking system options 

  • Multipoint locking system - high quality, high security steel locking system offers a substantial mortise lock incorporating two hooks top and bottom and centre case with latch and deadbolts. The lock operates an anti-drill, anti-pick, anti-bump kitemarked cylinder, together with the handleset which incorporates an integral anti-manipulation plate. The handleset is machined from a solid piece of aluminium and its locking spindle has a unique method of fixing to the handleset. All successfully tested as part of the PAS24 tests for the complete doorset and certified. 
  • G2000 – surface mounted locking system with option of 3in1 integral lock changes: ACB system. High performance kitemarked certified to BS8621/10621 & 3621. Registered key system. EN12209 & EN1303 achieving top grades in attack resistance. Cylinder part of lock – cannot be extracted. With mortice lock and handleset. 

Letterbox, door knocker, door viewer, door chain 

  • The letterbox is TS008 standard tested as part of the doorset in full scale primary fire tests. 
  • The door knocker is tested as part of the doorset in full scale primary fire tests 
  • The door viewer and door chain are tested as part of the doorset in full scale primary fire tests 


All doorsets are factory finished to a high standard and able to be installed without any further finishing work. Options include: 

  • High quality paint finishes. Non-toxic, i.e. a water-based paint offering a flexible and durable microporous protective film. This is for resistance to bacteria, mould and UV attack. Clients can choose from the vast range of RAL colours for colour schemes. 
  • Hard wearing laminates in woodgrain and colour finish. Note these are for internal locations only 
  • Woodgrain finishes which are subject to a manufacturer’s warranty and depend upon the location environment, for example if exposed to constant UV sunlight or harsh conditions, it is likely that the finish will be affected. The warranty is typically 3-5 years dependent on type of woodgrain type chosen. 


The style is solid flush with options of glazed fanlight and/or side panel (top glazed bottom solid) as per primary fire test. 


Doorsets are primary tested in full scale fire tests for solid doorsets with fanlights / side panel top section in monolithic multidirectional glazing which offers fire insulation as well as fire integrity. The glazing also meets BS EN 356 attack resistance requirements which Secured by Design call for. Finish: obscure or clear. Standard is obscure. This type of glazing is suitable for internal areas with reduced exposure to direct sunlight. 


Doorsets are tailored to size, including heights of up to 2100mm (door, frame and hardwood cill). Any fanlights are in addition to this size. Door sizes are adaptable to meet Part M of building regulations 2015. 


In the event of a doorset being damaged by accidental damage, it is able to be repaired and/or repainted with the Safer Homes kit. All Safer Homes Range doorsets are fitted as standard with the G-smart system for complete traceability on the doorset’s DNA. This system records all maintenance audits and any repairs. 


1) CE Marking 

As an entrance doorset, it is required to be CE marked to the standard EN14351-1. This is a legal requirement. The CE Marking for the doorset denotes the 2 mandatory requirements: 

  • Dangerous substances 
  • Thermal Transmittance (U value). The Safer Homes Range FD60S provides U values which are compliant with building regulations part L for controlled fittings for refurbishment and for new build. 

2) Weathering Performance 

CE Marking also calls for: 

  • Air Permeability (EN1027) 
  • Water tightness (EN1026) 
  • Wind Resistance (EN12211) 

The doorset is suitable for its environment from a weathering performance perspective. As some doorsets may be street level / balcony level as well as internal to a building, the specification is level 1200. All weathering tests are undertaken with the doorset as a complete unit including with the letterbox. 

The air permeability / water tightness and wind resistance exposure categories for the achieved doorset classification (as per above test standards) are stated on the CE mark. 

Note weathering performance depends upon choice of threshold and locking system. 

3) Durability 

  • The doorset undergoes tests for impact testing under the latest PAS24 standard. The doorset is classified for durability of resistance to repeated opening and closing at 50 000 cycles minimum. 
  • Durability demonstrates a high level of performance in soft and hard body impact, static torsion and mechanical handling. 

4) Security Performance 

  • Doorsets are tested and certified to the latest PAS24:2016 standard. This means testing the door with the frame and any side panel/screen or fanlight together with hardware. 
  • PAS24 test includes the lock having thumbturn operation as well as key operation. NB: The thumbturn operation is a more onerous test. 
  • Doorsets are certified to PAS24 to the latest version through the Q Mark scheme.

5) Thermal Insulation Performance 

  • Doors are tested to BS EN ISO 10077-1:2006. As this is a calculation test to be performed on the door with frame, the test report must demonstrate that the test has been conducted by an accredited test house with a BRFC certified simulator. 
  • U values maximum to be achieved: 

U value for doors in new build: 2.0 w/m²K or lower (houses) 2.2 w/m²K or lower (flats/apartments) U value for doors in existing / refurbishment: 1.8 w/m²K or lower for houses and flats. 

The Safer Homes range achieves 1.5 w/m²K 

Tested for a range of threshold options – please check when choosing threshold option. 

6) Accessibility 

  • For Approved Document M compliance, doorsets are manufactured to the opening size of the existing entrance and where necessary maximise the width for refurbishment. For new build doorsets are the required width for wheelchair access. 
  • Doorsets demonstrate features to assist with sight impairment including white frames contrasting with the colours of door leaves and door opening forces – options of door closers. 

7) Fire Safety Performance 

  • Tested to BS476 part 22 in full scale tests as a complete assembly with fanlights and sidepanel. 
  • Sixty minutes fire integrity and fire insulation for solid flush style doorset. 

8) Smoke Control Performance 

  • Doorset is tested to EN1634-3 for smoke leakage as a complete doorset. 
  • Smoke leakage rate not exceeding 3m³/m/hour at 25Pa as called for by Approved Document B for fire safety. 

9) Acoustics Performance 

If required sound reduction control should not be lower than 29dB 

10) Installation of Doors 

  • Security - PAS24 test standard calls for manufacturer’s instructions. Doors should be installed (as tested) so with door / frame / threshold / glazing / ironmongery according to written instructions. These should ideally include images and reference to materials. 
  • Fire Safety - BS8214 calls for doors to be installed as per manufacturer’s instructions. Doors should be installed (as tested) so with door / frame / threshold / glazing / ironmongery according to written instructions. These should ideally include images and reference to materials. Installers should be third party certified for the installation of fire doorsets and installation must be undertaken with reference to manufacturer’s installation instructions. 

11) Certification of doors 

Doorsets carry third party certification for manufacture for Fire and for Security. 

This is for the complete doorset. The notification body, Exova BM Trada, is UKAS accredited. 

12) Innovation 

Doorsets are fitted with G-Smart coding - cost-effective, user friendly maintenance management. 

Helps with fire safety responsibilities for flats (giving clear audit trail).

Technical Support

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